KZN Primary school Teams

KZN Primary schools trials was held from the 24th - 26th February 2017 at Westridge Tennis Stadium

The teams will be playing in the inter provincial from the 1st - 4th April in Bloemfontein.


Team lists

ETA Primary School Team lists

ETA Primary School Teams
ETA Primary school teams.

Primary School Trials selection criteria

 Primary schools Trials selection criteria 

  1. A minimum of two /13 teams is selected. Each team consists of 12 players made up of 6 boys and 6 girls. Two boys and two girls must be PDI players. Determination of eligibility for each age category will be determined by the TSA/KZN rules in effect for that year. Identity Documents must be submitted.
  2. The number of KZN teams participating in the TSA Inter provincial tournament will be determined by the TSA Schools committee each year.
  3. Selection is based solely on singles results achieved during the inter districts tournament.
    Players who are bona fide learners at an independent/state school or who are home schooled may be selected for the KZN Primary Schools tennis team.
  4. A rank order of the seeded players is determined by the number matches won. Points will be awarded for each match and will be used to determine the rank order when 3 players have won the same number of matches. 3 points will be awarded for a win without a tiebreak. In a 8/7 result the winner will be awarded 2 points and the loser 1 point.
  5. If 2 seeded players have the same number of match wins, the winner of the head to head match will be the higher ranked player.
  6. If 3 or more seeded players have the same number of match wins then the following will apply. The number of points accumulated will determine the ranking. If 2 players have the same points the head to head result will determine the ranking between these 2 players. If the points of all players are the same then the total games won of all the contending players will be noted and the player with the most games will be the higher ranked player. Should games be equal then TSA ranking will apply.
  7. The selection committee may decide to have additional play off matches if they deem it necessary. A maximum of 2 play-off matches may be required of a player.
  8. The decision to play these additional ‘play off’ matches and team selection will be at the sole discretion of the selection committee and no discussion will be entered into with outside parties, players, teachers or parents. The top number 2 players may be given the opportunity to play the last number 1 players in contention for selection even if they are from the same district. The same rule may apply to the top number 3/4 players who may play the last contending number 2/3 players respectively.
  9. Matches played at other tournaments will not be considered i.e only results from matches played during the Inter Regional tournament will be considered.
  10. Once the team is selected challenge matches will not be allowed.
  11. In order to be selected for the KZN team, players must attend the Inter Regional Tournament. Should a player be representing South Africa at tennis at that time, he/she will be awarded a position in the team automatically. The position is at the discretion of the selection panel.
  12. All players participating in the Inter Regional Tournament and Selected players must be registered with TSA before being able to represent KZN in the inter provincial tournament.
  13. A district player who sustains an injury during the tournament will only be considered if he/she produces a doctor’s certificate and if he/she will definitely be fit by the time of the Inter Provincial Tournament. The following criteria will be used to determine his/her eligibility for a position in the team:
    1. His/her performance at the tournament up to the time he/she was injured i.e. number of wins with remaining matches considered as losses.
    2. His/her seeding at district level
  14. If a player is not available to play at the inter-provincial tournament, he /she may play in the inter-district tournament but will not be considered for selection for the KZN sides. He/she must inform the selectors in writing of this decision before the start of the inter-regional tournament.
  15. KZN Colours will only be awarded to players who play in the Inter Provincial Tournament. Disciplinary action may be taken if player withdraw from the team at late notice.
  16. The selection committee will consist of the Chairman of the KZNSTA, Chairman of KZNPSTA, the convener of tournaments, one representative from each District committee and a representative from KZN Tennis Federation.
  17. The team will be announced within one week after the conclusion of the Inter Regional Tournament. Notice of selection will be done via email to the respective school and / or parent as well as in the press.
  18. Behaviour on and off the tennis court is of great importance and will be taken into account when making selections. A player guilty of bringing the game into disrepute will be sanctioned and possibly omitted from the KZN team. The Chairman (or his/her designate), convener of selectors and an executive committee member will constitute the disciplinary committee. The findings of this committee will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
    These Rules & Guidelines for selection form part of the policy of the KZNSTA and will be circulated to each District. Each District is to ensure that players are aware of the rules. Players will be required to acknowledge they have read and taken note of the rules by signing a tournament entry form.
  19. The rules for selection will be included in the Inter District Tournament booklet.
  20. Changes to these rules may only be made at an AGM of KZNSTA


Guidelines for Play off matches:


As per the Guidelines for selection the play off matches are at the sole discretion of the selection committee. Play off matches are not a right but discretionary.

A player may be granted a maximum of two playoff matches (as time does not allow further matches).

General principle:

The top number 2 player may be granted a playoff against either the 5th best number 1 or the last merit position in the team (depending on the strength of the number ones). If they win they may be given a further opportunity to improve position.

The 2nd best number 2 may then play against either the next best number 1. If they win they may be given a further opportunity to improve position.

The top number 3 player may play against the last contending number 2 (probably the 3rd best number 2 depending on strength). Should the number 3 win then another match may be granted and the number 2 player becomes a reserve.

In exceptional circumstances a number 4 will be granted a play off.

PDI play offs may also be called for.